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I got a question for you. Wanna Spoon?   You know you want to. Just look at this light and refreshing treat. Low calorie, low sugar, high taste. Drop some fresh fruit or some crunchy treats and make it all your own. Ready? Set? SPOON ME!

Just Spoon Me
Give the gift that Keeps On Giving
Get a FREE Frozen Yogurt or Smoothie with $20 Gift Card Purchase! or Get a FREE Spoon Me T Shirt with $60 Gift Card Purchase! Visit your local Spoon Me for more details.

Give it to me baby!  
You love me cause I'm Smooth Like That! Will it blend? Let’s just say there aren’t enough o’s in smooth to describe the Spoon Me smoothie experience. Spoon Me frozen yogurt makes smoothies the way they should be: naturally sweet, fresh and smooth.

Keep it Smooth

Spoon Responsibly

Spoon Responsibly

See our latest Gift Card ad, and remember to Spoon Responsibly.

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Love Your Body

Go ahead, give yourself some lovin’. Your body deserves it. Spoon Me yogurt is fat free, has less than 90 calories per serving, and contains no table sugar or artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavoring.

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Love Your Community

It’s hard to change the world if you can’t even help out your own community. That’s why we’re always looking for cool ways to pitch in around our own hood.

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Love Your Planet

The world deserves a little loving too. To be completely eco-friendly in every aspect of life is difficult and we don't claim to be. But we sure can try!

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